For over twenty years, we have found that communication and planning are key to ensure a successful party. Our DJ’s speak, personally, with each of our clients and establish an understanding of what will make their event run smoothly and successfully. If you choose Travelin’ Tunes as your entertainment source for your wedding reception, we will discuss with you how you want the reception to flow…

  • Do you want the DJ to announce the wedding party when they enter the room?
  • Who will be doing the toast(s) and do they want/need to use one of our wireless microphones?
  • Do you want your DJ to announce your meal and guide your guests through the dinner line?
  • What special/formal dances do you have planned?

We will discuss your musical preferences and you may also make specific selections from our music list. The music at your party plays one of the most important roles in the tone that is set for your party. We realize how important that is to you and your guests. If you like seeing your friends and family on the dance floor having fun, we have several ways to entice them to get out and dance. We can do a variety of group dances…

  •  a “circle dance”
  •  the cha-cha slide
  •  the electric slide
  •  the stroll
  •  the limbo
  •  the twist
  •   playing “SHOUT”
  •   doing a Limbo contest

OR, any others you may want to do. They all lead to lots of fun !

Sometimes the music selections depend on your crowd. Since our DJ’s carry such a diverse selection of music with them, and since they keep an eye on how the crowd is responding, They can alter selections, as needed, throughout the party.

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